What happens to a Professional Chef when they stop working in hotels!

so what does happen to a Professional Chef who stops working in the Hotel industry or for Australian casino list by BestAusCasinos??????? For years I dreamed of stopping the 70 hour weeks. Then I hit the wall and I stopped. I decided that I want to cook food that warms the soul, that invokes memories! Cook food that is appreciated for what it is and not what it is expected to be. Create! So I started volunteering to see what I could do to bring my style of cooking to the public. I enjoy volunteering. It can be hectic. Catering without the paycheck! Then  I began taking my dog to the beach (all the time), creating art (love textiles), creating new Gluten Free items…and I have to say, it is wonderful, but I miss working. I miss multi tasking to the highest limit. The exhilaration of being crazy busy and then hearing that the event or the night went great. That’s what I miss about kitchens. Working with a crazy crew…but you can’t have both. You can’t do one without the other. Crazy kitchens equal crazy hours. Teaching seemed to fill my soul as well. The students, the creativity! But now on to my next adventure….

May 25, 2015

Today my family stopped by. I am dog sitting for a bit. My brother is my biggest foodie. He eats my food because it reminds him of his childhood! No, really…I cook rustic food that invokes memories. This is what I want to cook. Food that is sensually pleasing as well as palate pleasing. I had made some Chicken Liver Pate (rustic style) with livers from Fiesta Farm. It was heavenly…how can you go wrong with saute livers, onions, port and BUTTER! I topped it with a port gelee. So my brother ate it..my sis in law said he would never it that at home. It is because of the memories! Eating this kind of food when we were kids. We weren’t wealthy by any means, but my mother had a creative way of cooking “organ style” meats so that we would eat it!

June 7, 2015

Working on some Gluten Free Recipes today. I will be doing some demo work (showing ways to use their product for the hobbyist cook!) for High Ground Organics starting soon.  I also started working for a local natural foods company helping with product development so my days have started filling back up.